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DrafStation Flatbed Printer

The flatbed printer is a Digital printer which, thanks to its flatbed can print on rigid/hard/stiff media, such as foam, Forex, kapa, D-bond, glass, ceramic tiles, up to a thickness of 21cm. The printing surface is perforated (vacuum flatbed) and divided into two parts and is equipped with industrial vacuum pumps which are able to block the media so that it sticks perfect to the printing surface.
With this technology, named flatbed, the plotter moves towards the line of print positioned above the material, making it ideal for particularly heavy hard media.
A dedicated sensor, automatically reads the thickness of the printing material. In this way the printing heads are always perfectly aligned. In addition, an infrared lamp dries the ink more rapidly after printing

Printable arer Max Medi thickness Resolution Speed 4 colors Power Power
106 cm 21 cm max 1440 dpi
from 2,3 to 23,1 mq/h
C,Y,M,K AC 220 to 240 V 4.2A, 50/60 Hz 1,5 KW max